mira lo nuevo del 2009

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« next »Quicksilver, quicksilver, interface, keyboard shortcuts, mac, mac os x, skinning Get More from Quicksilver with a New Interface
Apart from being the most useful application on my Mac, Quicksilver is also one of the most attractive. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, either, and weblog MacApper has rounded up a few of the sexiest Quicksilver interfaces on the block. Aside from the eye candy, the other great thing about alternate interfaces is that many of them change the way you interact with Quicksilver—meaning that if you’ve never quite gotten the hang of Quicksilver, a new interface may be just the ticket. If you’ve got a favorite Quicksilver interface that you’ve been using, let’s hear about it in the comments. If a new interface has you aching to dive into Quicksilver, check out our beginner’s guide along with our many other Quicksilver guides.

Spruce Up Quicksilver With New Interfaces [MacApper]
Read More: 1 2 3Tag Any File in OS X Using a Single Character
The Quicksilver-for-Windows Showdown
Add Actions to Spotlight
11:00 AM on Sun Jun 1 2008
By Adam Pash

Comments Shiznit at 12:05 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
Haha, I’ve been using the pictured BezelHUD interface since it was mentioned on TUAW back in February. It’s nice being ahead of the curb. Also, did anyone else notice that all three interfaces are by Julius Eckert? I think he’s the only person that develops third-party QS interfaces.

aukreaz at 12:33 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
I still prefer the good ol’ standard Bezel interface. Although the BezelHUD is a visual re-work of the originaly Bezel interface, it annoys me because I can’t change the colour or transparency settings of the Quicksilver window.

While the other two interfaces are visually appealing, I still prefer function over form.

Darkmatter91 at 01:16 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
I know there are nice launcher for windows but I always drool when i see Quicksilver

dhaffner at 01:32 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
I use Bezel. The only change I made was to make it look similar to the task switching interface (the transparent black). Since Growl notifications are (by default) black as well, it makes things a little more uniform. That Showcase interface looks pretty nice though.

-flip- at 02:10 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
Perfect timing. I just got OS X up and running on my PC and have been looking for ways to customize Quicksilver.

yanokwa at 02:41 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
@@Shiznit: you mean curve, not curb. ahead of the curb makes no sense…

Jing_ta at 02:49 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
I use Flashlight. I love the symmetry it and spotlight offer.

reclusivemonkey at 03:08 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
@Darkmatter91: I know just what you mean; it was a large part of the reason I bought a Mac Mini. I am glad I did =]

nettoyeur at 05:18 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
@Darkmatter91: It’s also important to note, as people often do, that quicksilver is much more than just a launcher. I use it to manage a lot of things on my computer; it is a wonderful complement to spotlight.

nettoyeur at 05:23 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
A number of comments on the MacApper post mention LaunchBar. Has anyone on LH tried it? Any QS power users familiar with both? Care to give a rundown?

The lack of recent QS development has been a disappointment. I’m willing to try a switch if there are compelling arguments.

Darkmatter91 at 06:18 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
yea I just love me some games and crossover (Wine + nice GUI) just doesn’t cut it for me on OS X though Counter-Strike on school computers (even at like 40fps) is the funnest thing i have ever seen

yea sorry to call it “A launcher”

NeoXY at 07:32 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
For all of you expecting new QS development, don’t.

The original developer have already said although he will try and do minor updates to better stability, don’t expect a new version of QS/w features. QS at this point is basically as good as its gonna get. I still use it because its been rock solid for me. But eventually, we might all have to wave it goodbye.

NineTailedFox at 09:23 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
I love BezelHUD. Goes very nicely with GrowlHUD and Cover Stream; I do prefer it when all these elements can share a unified theme.

Re: future development, it’s not too much to hope now its been open-sourced that someone might pick up the reins and at least maintain it.

nettoyeur at 09:54 PM on 06/01/08 Reply by Email *
@NeoXY: But QS has gone open source now right? [www.tuaw.com] Or has that plan since changed?

NineTailedFox at 02:25 AM Reply by Email *
Curb, curve or curtains, I’m not sure reading about something on TUAW puts one ahead of it, although tipping them off about it might do.

tyojohn at 04:58 AM Reply by Email *
QS is one of the best utilities I’ve every used. Does anyone know if development is going to continue? I remember seeing a video somewhere of the original developer talking about doing something new that will significantly change QS, but not much recently. Anyone know?

ICEBreaker at 05:32 AM Reply by Email *
Cool. Julius Eckert has real talent. Kudos.

ICEBreaker at 05:38 AM Reply by Email *
@tyojohn: Sadly, no. He was talking about another project. As far as Quick Silver is concerned, he believes it has evolved to the final stages, where only minor tweaks and bug fixing will be released.

I believe you were referring to this interview on Lifehacker:

at 06:14 AM on 06/02/08 Start a discussion:
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